Book: 100 Years of Fashion Illustration [Paperback]

Book: 100 Years of Fashion Illustration [Paperback]

Book:  100 Years of Fashion Illustration [Paperback]

Author: Cally Blackman

This book provides the ultimate visual of over 400 beautiful images which is a comprehensive guide of each genre over the last century.  The book shares an overview of how fashion came into development, seen through the sights of fashion illustrators during that time.  During the early years of fashion were of new, liberated ideas within art and culture. Along with the postwar periods from Paris fashion illustrators.  The book then went into the heavy domination of the 1960's and celebrity fashion photographers and finally embracing the usage of computers.  While fashion has been completely modernized, there are many fashion designers and fashion illustrations who have gone back into traditional ways and techniques.

Fashion has been popular for over 100 years and it began when the new century fell right into place.  It was found that between the years of 1909 and 1929 by Jean Cocteau in 1957, there was a period of an explosion of ideas that were pushed through to the new world from the old world.  Both fashion design and fashion illustration became a very important part of the century. During those times wealthy women within Europe and North America wore modern fashionable clothing embracing the Art Nouveau style that was created within the 1890s.   

100 Years of Fashion Illustration was written by the author Cally Blackman is also a lecturer with several degrees in Fashion Design and the History of Art.  She has an MA in History of Dress from the Courtauld Institute of Art, London.  She teaches fashion courses primarily the Fashion History and Theory course located at the Central Saints College.