BOOK: The Pocket Stylist

BOOK: The Pocket Stylist

BOOK: The Pocket Stylist

AUTHOR: Kendall Farr

This book talked about different fashion that in style today. The Pocket Stylist also shared on what are the do’s and don’ts in wearing dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, skorts or your shoes, jewelry and make-up. This helped determine the good and bad of an individual’s personal style. The Pocket Stylist guide helped to carry one’s self in a very best way.

The Pocket Book Stylist shared us the best dress for a woman’s body. What we need to wear and what we must not wear. The writer desired women to be educated in the sense of fashion. Fashion is not all about fancy dresses it is also about carrying good self-confidence in the middle of everyone. You also need to have the knowledge on how to best mix and match the outfits that you will wear.

Knowing your body type and body size is very important in order to match also the dress that is appropriate to your body. Fashion does not mean buying the most expensive dress instead it means choosing the right dress that best suits you.

This book also does not only stick to the clothes that are being dressed. It also helps us to choose the best make-up for the best dress that we wear. This book foretells us also on the best accessories we should have.  We need not to wear and wear anything but we also need to consider some questions. Like, do I look good in this dress? Does the dress fit my body?

The most important thing to remember about fashion is wear a dress that best fits you.