October 2011

Fashion Inspiration for Young People: The Teen Vogue Handbook

"Industry favorites such as Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch tell all. "

Do you have a teen with a passion for fashion? Help your teen to turn his or her love of clothes into a career path with the Teen Vogue Handbook. This vibrant book brings the fashion industry to life for young people.

The book discusses the real life tales of how some of America’s favorite designers got their starts. Pictures and photos are plentiful throughout the book, helping to keep teens interested. The story covers every aspect of the fashion world ranging from modeling to photography to design.

If you have a teen who is thinking about pursing any type of fashion degree in college, then this book is a must read for your child. The book draws a clear picture of how the fashion industry works and includes interviews with famous designers that your teen may already know and adore. Your child will read about the ups and downs of the industry. He or she can find out about how a designer achieved success, read about instances when designers were failing and everything in-between.